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New York Waterway Ferry

Phone: (201) 249-8341
Web URL: nywaterway.com

The Port Liberte ferry terminal is located adjacent to the wooden bridge on Chapel Avenue. It is here on-site in Port Liberte.  This is a terrific feature of the community with so many modes of transporation in and out of the city. Monthly passes can be purchased for a discount.  The ferry provides transportation between Port Liberte and Pier 5.  Pier 5 is located near the Staten Island Ferry and the 1 line of the NYC subway system.  The NY Waterway also provides a free bus system all over Manhattan. If you see one, just flag it down and they will take you to their next stop or to one of the ferry locations.  The ferry runs Monday through Friday.  Below is the current schedule:

Ferry Schedule

Monday through Friday

Depart Port Liberte Depart SLIP 5
 6:00 AM  6:15 AM
6:35 AM 6:50 AM
7:10 AM 7:25 AM
7:45 AM 8:00 AM
8:20 AM 8:35 AM
8:55 AM  9:10 AM
9:30 AM 4:00 PM
3:40 PM 4:35 PM
4:15 PM 5:10 PM
4:50 PM 5:45 PM
5:25 PM 6:20 PM
6:00 PM  6:55 PM
6:35 PM  7:30 PM
7:10 PM 

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